The Best Way to Wear Moto Leggings for Yoga

Moto leggings are considered to belong to the new up and coming trends for yogis who want to add a little bit of a street style to their regular yoga practice. Instead of the polished and sophisticated style of plain black yoga leggings, this new moto style adds a little bit of visual interest inherent to street fashion. If your style is a little more rugged, this may be a key item in your new workout outfit.

Before we can dive into the proper ways to wear moto leggings, what exactly are these new fashion staples?

Much like traditional yoga leggings, this version is also relatively fitting from the waistline all the way to the ankle. The major difference between the moto version and the traditional yoga leggings is the stitching and attention to detail. While yoga leggings are typically smooth, moto leggings are pieced together in a style more reminiscent of pants you may wear to ride a motorcycle.

They have various sections, typically with one large rectangular portion covering the knee area. On the upper thigh, moto leggings usually have another large patch with plenty of stitching to create some texture and visual interest.

Like yoga leggings, you can purchase them in a variety of styles and colors. You may find a high-waisted version of these edgy yoga staples or a low-rise alternative. Built-in shapewear is also an option for individuals who are a little more self-conscious about trouble areas but still determined to wear the latest fashions.

How Do You Wear Them?

The absolute best way to wear moto leggings is to pair them with classic items that allow their detail to really shine. You may want to consider finding a quality pair of moto leggings in a fun color that matches with the season. For this fall and winter, you should search the stores for olive greens or wine-inspired shades.

From there, you can pair them with the basics that you already have in your closet. A plain white t-shirt is always a safe option, especially when combined with plain white tennis shoes. Cream shades are certain to match any of the season-specific colors that you will find for moto leggings, making easy outfit pairing a cinch.

Is it a little too cold outside for just a t-shirt and yoga leggings? Throw on a chunky open-front cardigan in a longer length. Duster cardigans that reach down to the backs of the knees can provide a whole new level of interest for your outfit, as well as plenty of texture. These cardigans look best in marled shades or simple basics like solid black and charcoal grey.

Don’t be afraid to try out a whole new style that could suit your personality perfectly. Pairing your new moto leggings with the items you already have in your closet will be a breeze. You can be both amazingly stylish and comfortable when you start your first round of sun salutations at the next yoga class.

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